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Tutorials for Geoforum Norway about using open data


In April 2015, Geoforum Norway contacted me and asked me to create a series of online tutorials about using open data. The tutorials were going to be used for some workshops – e.g. for one called #Hack4No.

This was my first larger gig as self-employed and it gave me the opportunity to start using a bunch of technologies such as markdown, git, github, LeafletJS and cartodb. It resulted in the four tutorials in Norwegian below.

LeafletJS map showing traffic accidents as clusters:
– and live demo at

CartoDB cloropeth map showing unemployment rates:
– and live demo at

Digital elevation model (DEM) in desktop using QGIS – and 3D OSM buildings + DEM rendered in browser with JavaScript:
– and live demo at

CartoDB animated map with AIS data from ship collision in Oslo fjord:
– and live demo at