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Blockchain in Geospatial Applications

After my talk in Bonn at the FOSS4G conference Aug 2016, editor Wim van Wegen asked me to write about the topic for GIM International and it was published on 6th Oct 2016 here: Below is a copy of the original post: What is a blockchain and how is it applicable for geospatial applications? A blockchain is an immutable trustless…

Cordova map app with Mapbox

Recently, I had the chance to work on a Cordova app using both Laeflet and mapbox-gl-js, using VueJS for the UI components. In this screencast, I go through the functionality of the app – and sorry for my silly mispronunciation of “mapbox-gl-js” in the video: If interested, here’s my github repo: One of the objectives for this app is…

Blockchain in Geospatial Applications

I think there’s a need for disruption in the geospatial industry as centralized structures are widespread – practically all the data you see on a map represent centralized data acquisition or distribution. By now, I have had the pleasure of talking about this topic on 3 different conferences: First at “Geomatikkdagene” – the annual Norwegian geospatial conference in March 2016,…

3 Videos of Advanced OpenLayers Functionality

For 2.5 years I developed a vast GIS/mapping javascript library called AOP based on OpenLayers for Obsurv, a product from Grontmij – i.e. described in this article. I made three short videos showcasing some of the coolest tools I made. GlobeSpotter integration tool The tool is an integration between the AOP javascript library (developed by me) and Cyclomedia Globespotter which…