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My First Ethereum Project Ever

Someone encouraged me recently to get started with Ethereum and web3.js and this uber simple project was my first attempt. My objective was to get to know the Ethereum javascript api using web3.js, so I aimed to keep the Solidity part as simple as possible. There’s a smart contract called “Foo” which has two methods – setFoo and getFoo which accepts/returns a…

Code test: Account

Yet another code test for a frontend job, this time a simple REST api was provided that I could use to build my UI around. The api contains info about an account, the UI shows account info and transactions and allows for the user to add new transactions. Here’s the repo: You can run it locally with Docker, e.g.…

The 2048 Game

Once again I was challenged with a code test for a frontend job; create a replicate of the 2048 game. Apparently, it is a rather well-known game, though I hadn’t heard of it before: It has been replicated multiple times both in javascript and other languages. I decided it would require too much effort for me replicate the core functionality…