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Code test: Account

Yet another code test for a frontend job, this time a simple REST api was provided that I could use to build my UI around. The api contains info about an account, the UI shows account info and transactions and allows for the user to add new transactions.

Here’s the repo:

You can run it locally with Docker, e.g. like this:

Here’s what it looks like:

There’s currently no live demo since github pages can’t host a dynamic backend.

Here’s what the task sounded like:


Build a simple web app that can display the balance result from the provided api server. This includes:

  1. Displaying the account info
  2. Displaying a list of credits and debit items
  3. A feature for adding a credit/debit from the UI
  4. Updating the balance and list of credits & debits after adding
  5. Handle error responses from the API.