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3D demo with OpenLayers and CesiumJS

Lately, some of my clients have brought up the desire for 3D rendering of maps on the web. I thought – if that’s what the clients want, I’ll figure out how to do it. There appears to be a range of options out there – NASA Worldwind, Open Web Globe and CesiumJS.


Click to open demo

I decided to take Cesium combined with OpenLayers for a spin at first for a number of reasons. Having worked over 2.5 years developing on a daily basis with OpenLayers, I’m pretty familiar with that – so it seemed like the straight forward way in to the 3D world for me. Furthermore, I used to work with OpenLayers version 2.11 to 2.13. Cesium only works with the recent OpenLayers version 3.x which is a complete rewrite of the entire library. It’s been on my list for a while to familiarize myself with ol3 – so here’s my cue to get started. I found out that ol3 lacks a lot of the UI functionality that I’m used to, so I ended up making a quick and dirty layer switcher tool in the process.

I started out by mimicking some of the examples on the OpenLayers web page and proceeded to modify it to my own demo with multiple layers – currently with layers from Open Street Map, Bing Maps, Stamen, and MapQuest.

Link to demo:

The map is currently using the default projection “EPSG:3857”. My next step is to try it out alternative projections such as “EPSG:25832” being the common around Norway and Denmark.

Another ambition is to render other layers, e.g. buildings or other structures in 3D within the map. And I definitely intend to take take OWG and Worldwind for a spin as well. Stay tuned … :)

Let me know if you have any ideas or comments!