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3 Videos of Advanced OpenLayers Functionality

For 2.5 years I developed a vast GIS/mapping javascript library called AOP based on OpenLayers for Obsurv, a product from Grontmij – i.e. described in this article.

I made three short videos showcasing some of the coolest tools I made.

GlobeSpotter integration tool

The tool is an integration between the AOP javascript library (developed by me) and Cyclomedia Globespotter which is similar to Google Streetview, yet more customizable. The tool allows you to add a marker to the map; the GlobeSpotter flash viewer opens in a new window, showing images for the clicked position; when rotating the viewer, the marker in the map rotates as well; when changing location in either of the windows, the other window is updated. Check it out in this 2 min 40 sec video:

Locator tool

This tool will show your location on the map, if your location is available – the user has to allow the web page to access his/her location. Web browsers always use the EPSG:4326 projection, hence this tool requires the Proj4js library in order to convert browser location to current map projection, The tool imports the Proj4js library if it not already loaded. Check out this 3 min 34 sec video:

Snap grid tool

This tool provides a layer with a grid of equally spaced points and drawing functionality which will snap to that grid – and separate GUI object that controls the tool. Check out this 5 min video:

Play list

See the these and other videos in this AOP demo play list: